Retreats offer intentional time for reflection, learning, and stillness amidst the many demands of daily life.
A retreat can be scheduled for a day, weekend, week, or be made during everyday life.


Custom Retreats

Please contact Pegge to design a custom retreat for your goals, mission and time frame. A retreat can be one day, a weekend, online, or amidst everyday daily life.

Custom retreat design can include:

  • Generate theme and content
  • Design and produce vibrant promotional and retreat materials
  • Train and empower adult and student facilitators
  • Direct necessary logistics: site location, advertising, registration, environment
  • Provide overall leadership including session talks, prayer, and spiritual direction

Retreat themes and talks include topics:

  • Appreciative Inquiry: Pioneering into New Territory of What Might Be
  • Cultivating Simplicity: Creating Spaciousness In Our Lives
  • Dancing Barefoot: Cultivating Vitality
  • Clear Mind, Contemplative Heart, Embodied Action
  • Leadership and Service with Soul
  • Praying our Daily Lives
  • Peace is Every Step and Breath
  • Something Hopeful
  • SQ: Spiritual Intelligence
  • The Air We Breathe
  • The Art of Being Human
  • Be Brave, Believe

Retreat leadership experience during the past 20+ years includes over 100 weekend retreats; everyday life working person retreats ranging from ten days to six weeks; and numerous days and evenings of reflection with five to several hundred participants, in age ranges from teens to elders.

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